The Essence of Story

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Short for “nutshell paragraph,”  nutgraf is a term used in journalism to describe the central thesis, the essence, of any story.


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Celia Klemski, one of the "girls," is featured in the forthcoming documentary "Atomic City."

Celia Klemski, one of the "girls," is featured in the forthcoming documentary "Atomic City."

The Girls of Atomic City Documentary

Working with Rock Creek Productions, we are bringing the story of the Manhattan Project and America's nuclear history to life. Through interviews with a number of characters from The Girls of Atomic City, as well as professionals in government and the private sector, this documentary uses the book as a jumping off point, allowing for 21st-century reflections on the nuclear age by experts and the everyday folk who were a part of these world-changing events, events which continue to impact us to this day.




Revolutionary Road Trip

In 1776, 56 men, from land-owning gentry to former indentured servants, defied what was then the greatest military power on the planet. Some considered them brave. Others, traitors. And not a few thought they were out of their minds. But who were they, really?

In conjunction with the publication of “Signing Their Lives Away,” I and my co-author/husband Joe D'Agnese began traveling in the footsteps of these revolutionaries. Our desired result is a documentary  series that examines not only their legacy, but the state of the American Dream and our own ideas about independence.

The stories of the signers became ours, their history our present,                                                                                                           their trials our triumphs. We think they are worth knowing.

For Hire

Our production arm, NutGraf Productions, offers research, consulting,                                                                                              scripting and story development and production services.

We specialize in making complex topics accessible and ethereal subjects engaging.

Everything you need. In a nutshell.