Greetings, Readers!

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speaking engagements

To schedule a speaking event, please contact:

Hadley Walker, Greater Talent/Simon and Schuster Speakers Bureau

Phone:    212-647-6330



Media requests, etc.

If you have a media or publicity request regarding The Last Castle, The Girls of Atomic City, Signing Their Lives Away, Signing Their Rights Away, The Money Book for Freelancers or any of my other titles, please contact my publicists at Gold Leaf Literary

If you have a query that has not been answered on this page, they're the folks to contact.



Literary agent is Yfat Reiss Gendell at Foundry Literary + Media.


autographed copies

For a personally inscribed and autographed copy of any of my books, contact my fantabulous local bookstore, Malaprop’s.

Just shoot them an email or give them a call at (828) 254-6734 and you can talk to a real, live person! Tell them how you would like your book(s) inscribed. They will get me in to sign, and your autographed book will be shipped out lickety-split.

You’ll be supporting a wonderful indie bookstore in the process and keeping more money in the hands of hardworking small businesses and all the folks they employ. It’s the friendly—and eco-friendly—way to go!