Greetings, Readers!

If you'd like to know more about my forthcoming projects, special events and giveaways, you can register for my email list. I do not sell, spam, or bore with incessant ramblings.

Nota bene: Due to growing constraints on my time, focus and schedule, I am constantly seeking ways to protect and prioritize both my writing and personal lives. For that reason, I have removed the contact form from this website. Please know that I value all comments from readers and I am sincerely grateful that in this world of choices, my book somehow made it to your nightstand. However, any thoughts, personal requests, recipes, horoscopes, well wishes, etc. that are sent to any of the folks below—though greatly appreciated—will very likely not get a response. I do not do this to be a reclusive weirdo, I do it so that I can keep both my writing career and my sanity moving forward in a healthy, focused manner. Thank you for understanding.

for speaking engagements only

Contact Charlotte Perman, Greater Talent Network/United Talent Agency.

Phone:    ‭(212) 647-6307

Email:   CharlotteP[at]greatertalent[dot]com


for interviews, bookstore visits and all other media, professional-type requests

Contact Lauren Harr and Caroline Green Christopoulos at Gold Leaf Literary.

Email: goldleafliterary[at]gmail[dot]com


FOr autographed copies of any of my books

For a personally inscribed and autographed copy of any of my books, contact my fantabulous local bookstore, Malaprop’s.

Just shoot them an email or give them a call at (828) 254-6734 and you can talk to a real, live person! Tell them how you would like your book(s) inscribed. They will get me in to sign, and your autographed book will be shipped out lickety-split.

You will be supporting a wonderful indie bookstore in the process and keeping more money in the hands of hardworking small businesses and all the folks they employ. It’s the friendly—and eco-friendly—way to go!