How to Get Signed and Personalized Books From Me for the Holidays

It’s gift-giving-buying season once again. I am, as always, working with my fantabulous independent bookstore Malaprop’s to offer personalized, autographed copies of The Last Castle, The Girls of Atomic City, and other titles. Signed, personalized books make great gifts and autographing eReaders simply hasn’t taken off yet. Though I work with Malaprop’s all year long, during the holidays I get lots of questions about wrapping and shipping and so forth. 

Here’s the skinny on signed, personalized books for the holidays:

The easiest way to get an autographed book is to call Malaprop’s directly at 1-800-441-9829 or 828-254-6734. The store is chock full of helpful, cheerful folks. Once one of these charmers answers the phone, just tell them which book(s) you want to order, the author’s name—that's me—and how you would like the inscription to read.

how about inscriptions?

How you want the book personalized? To you? To the mother-in-law you’re always trying to suck up to? Do you want it to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” “For a history buff,” or nothing at all so that you may re-gift at will? They can handle it all. Simply give them your payment information and shipping address. That’s it! Malaprop’s will get me in to sign and will ship your book out to you or to the person of your choice, autographed and ready to go.

What about gift wrapping?

Yes indeed, they gift wrap. I told you they were wonderful. So, you can have that autographed book gift-wrapped AND have a gift card slapped on it. That package of holiday reading cheer will be shipped wherever you want and will arrive ready to be shoved under a tree, stuck in a (larger than usual) stocking, placed next to the menorah, or swapped at an office party.

Can I order online?

Technically, yes, but calling is much more efficient and, in the long run, will take up much less of your time.

Which books of yours can I order?

Almost any of them, really, as long as they are in stock. A full-ish list is available here.

Can I get signed copies of your books anywhere else?

Yes. There are many wonderful indie bookstores—especially around the south—that often carry signed copies of my books. Check with the one nearest you first. If they don't have it, and the store has several copies on hand, they can contact me and I can mail out signed bookplates. Not exactly the same, but still a nice touch. 

Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting a local independent bookstore!